Wind Turbines

Vertical Axis Turbine

Only requires 8.8 miles per hour winds to start spinning. Engineered to withstand 99 mile per hour winds. Very quiet, non intrusive, no large tower or yard area required. This is the best wind turbine deal on the market. Mount on building or house.

3 kW unit

This unit will produce 72 kW per day at rated speeds or at top constant wind speeds, $250 to $302 per month. It is more powerful than other units on the market. (Qualifies for $6,885 in grant or ITC, plus other tax incentives).

10 kWh

Cost effective unit for large home or mid size office. Ideal for retail. Rated in best wind conditions to produce $12,096 per year. Get $12,600 back in grant or ITC deductions, plus other deductions and incentives. Excellent investment.

900 kWh

This is a big turbine, and the 900 kw Holland Engineered unit is superior and satisfies "mid power" range applications. Unit has full warranty and low maintenance. Installation and use is more efficient than the larger units.

250 kWh

This wind turbine is a powerhouse, rated to produce 85 Kw per hour, 2054 Kw per day, (750 Megawatts per year) at 16.5 miles per hour wind speed. Great buy at $725,000. 30% Investment Tax Credit available.

80 kW

This wind turbine is a powerhouse, rated to produce 28.5 Kw per hour, 684 Kw per day, (250 Megawatts per year) at 16.5 miles per hour wind speed.

20 kW

This wind turbine is rated to provide an impressive 480 Kw per day at a wind speed of 20 mph. This unit will provide 14,400 Kw per month of power. That means at top wind speeds the unit can produce over $2,000 month. Get grant or $20,000 ITC, back.

5 kW

This wind turbine is rated to produce 5 kW of energy per hour, for 24 hours, or 120 kw per day. That would mean production of about $6,048 per year or $504 per month, in excellent conditions.Qualifies for $9,500 ITC (or grant). Also other tax benefits.

1 kW

This wind turbine is rated to provide 800 watts per hour or 19 Kw per day, at a wind speed of 22.3 mph. It is a great starter unit, economical, and can save you from $30 to $100 per month.



Solar Greenhouse

Solar Powered Backyard Greenhouse! Do your part. Grow fresh vegetables, flowers, plus the greenhouse has solar panels, battery, interior solar lighting, circulation fan, roof vent to control temperature, and is made of polycarbonate hard sheets.

Solar Water Heaters

*25% of your electric bill is from heating water. *Sun power, solar water heating can heat your water to 148 degrees FREE from the sun. *Typical American will use 20 to 50 gallons of hot water per day. This is a great money saver, and has been proven.

Solar Panels

Solar can convert 20% of radiant energy into electricity for your building. These are a perfect solution to "low wind" or "no wind" days. Bring the energy of the sun into your building and lower your electric bills



Green Dreams - CD

This audio lecture is educational regarding the essential elements of survival and how our towns, communities, economy and the future of food, oil, water issues will impact us.

High Tunnel Greenhouse

High Tunnel Concept. The most inexpensive "greenhouse" approach to growing vegetables. These can be bought in "backyard" size, or for commercial agricultural production. They are tall enough for a tractor to drive through at 30' wide and 12' tall.


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